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National Integrity Policies Commence 1 May 2022

Skate Australia's National Integrity Framework and partnership with Sport Integrity Australia commences on Sunday 1 May 2022. We're the 21st National Sporting Organisation (of 90 recognised sports) to adopt the Framework.

This means that any complaints in relation to alleged breaches under the National Integrity Framework (including member protection, child safeguarding, misuse of drugs and medicines and competition manipulation and sports wagering) will be managed by Sport Integrity Australia under the Complaints, Disputes & Discipline Policy.

The Skate Australia National Integrity Framework policies can be found on our website.

All States, Clubs and members are bound by this Framework. This includes skaters, support personnel, employees and volunteers.

I encourage you all – if you see something, do something. We need to work together to provide a safe, fair and trustworthy environment for everyone involved in our sports.

What kind of complaints can be made to Sport Integrity Australia?

From 1 May 2022, Sport Integrity Australia will become our sports independent complaint handling provider for integrity-related complaints.

Complaints related to alleged breaches of the prohibited conduct in the following policies can be submitted to Sport Integrity Australia:

  • National Integrity Framework  
  • Member Protection Policy
  • Child Safeguarding Policy
  • Competition Manipulation and Sport Wagering Policy
  • Improper Use of Drugs and Medicine Policy

How to submit a complaint?

Anyone can submit a complaint. If you think someone or an organisation has breached the Skate Australia National Integrity Framework you can report your concern or lodge a complaint through Sport Integrity Australia.

Sport Integrity Australia will be assessing all integrity-related complaints for our sports.

If you have any questions about the complaint process, please contact me, or Sport Integrity Australia directly.

Thank you for your support.

Ariane de Rooy
Executive Director
Skate Australia


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