SkateSA President Role

Published Thu 15 Oct 2020



SkateSA Inc. which is the state peak body for Rollerskating in South Australia & is affiliated with the National body based in Qld is looking for a Volunteer President for a minimum of 1yr.


The President is required to oversee all our rollerskating sports (Roller Derby, Artistic, Speed & Recreation Skating plus Inline Hockey) and the employed part time State Development Officer based at West Beach. The role also includes Chairing approximately 8 Board Meetings plus the AGM.

The President of SkateSA, in collaboration with the State Executive, will:

  • Provide leadership and strategic support, as per the National & State Strategic Plan on projects and programs and assist in the implementation of activities with a broader organisational focus
  • Take a strategic role in the development of initiatives within the State. 
  • Monitor and advise as required on the implementation of these initiatives.
  • Commit to the development of Roller Sports
  • Provide a leadership role in maintaining the image of SkateSA
  • Provide guidance and high-level support to Branch Vice Presidents, and the State Executive on various matters.
  • Maintain effective communication within the State Executive.
  • Establish and develop links and joint programs as appropriate with external organisations.
  • Keep pace with developments in Roller Sports and make appropriate recommendations for innovation or improvement.
  • Develop and provide timely and accurate information and reports.
  • Ensure the integrity of SkateSA relating to equal opportunity, risk management, occupational health and safety and quality assurance
  • Offer guidance and support to the State Office
  • Directs the activities of the other executive members, and assist as required
  • Oversee that a duty of care is maintained to all skaters, at all times
  • Deals with matters that do not fall within the roles of other executive members


Please contact Jackie on 0419800031 or 8353 7755 for further information as we need to nominate & appoint a new President at our upcoming AGM at West Beach Sunday 2pm, 22nd Nov 2020.

The outgoing President is willing to support the incoming President & continue on with the Strategic Planning if required.

 It is not expected that the President has a Skating background but must have a current WWCC



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