TO: South Australian Inline Hockey Community

Published Sun 03 Jul 2022

3 July 2022

Re: Skate SA affiliated clubs and the implications to State and National representation

Skate SA acts on behalf of its affiliated clubs and members to facilitate the promotion, development and growth of skate sports in South Australia. Skate SA is affiliated with Skate Australia which is recognised by the Australian Sports Commission and the International Olympic Committee as the peak body for skate sports in Australia.

In 2022 four skate disciplines make up Skate SA: Roller Derby, Participation, Speed, and Artistic. These disciplines are represented across our nine affiliated clubs/leagues: Gawler Skating Club, Light City Derby, Lil Adelaide Rollers, Murder City Roller Derby League, Regeneration Skating Club, Rockabellas Roller Derby League, Skate Crew Artistic, Skate FIT Cru and Team Skate FX.

Skate SA has a Board of Management who work with the discipline committees to deliver their sport. These committees develop coaches and organise events, such as state trials, as well as selecting state teams for national tournaments. Each of these committees has a Vice-President, who is a member of the Skate SA Board of Management. The Skate SA Board of Management also has a President and Finance Officer. These roles are voluntary. This structure is not dissimilar to other sports, which are run wholly by volunteers.

Four years ago inline hockey clubs in SA were affiliated with Skate SA. There was an Inline Hockey committee, with the Vice-President being a member of the Skate SA Board of Management.

In 2019 the inline hockey clubs chose not to affiliate with Skate SA. By doing so they gave up the pathway for their players to represent South Australia at ILHA/Skate Australia affiliated national events.

For the Skate SA Board of Management this was very disappointing, especially considering the ten plus year involvement with both groups. From the beginning, Skate SA was instrumental in obtaining grants for North Vikings to purchase equipment. In 2019 Skate SA was again instrumental in obtaining a grant for the ‘Inline Hockey for Girls 4 Girls Program’ run at Gawler. Skate SA and Blackwood have had a long association, highlighted by the advocacy work done as the new inline hockey facility was being planned and built.

In 2019, with a hope of seeing the inline hockey clubs again become affiliated with Skate SA the decision was made to provide inline hockey players with the option of an ‘unattached’ membership. This would allow them to participate in their own club’s activities and still be able to participate in state trials and selection for national events. It was noted at the time this decision was not consistent with how our affiliated skate disciplines operate.

In 2020 the Skate SA Board of Management undertook a review of the inline hockey ‘unattached’ memberships.

Meetings were held with both the North Vikings IH club committee and Blackwood Blaze IH club to explain the review the Skate SA Board of Management was undertaking regarding ‘unattached’ memberships, in particular the inequity in relation to our affiliated skate disciplines. Skate SA also undertook to learn more about the reasons for these groups choosing not to affiliate.

As a result of this review, the decision was made that there would be no membership categories available for those disciplines where there was no Skate SA affiliated club.

Both clubs were offered a pathway to re-affiliation, which was not taken up.

In early 2021, Skate SA was contacted by a group looking to form a new skate club. The All-Star Skate Club presented an all discipline skate club approach to Skate SA. As their incorporation application with the government was delayed, and as it was expected the club would be formed, and affiliate with Skate SA, the decision was made to allow people to represent their state at the 2021 IH Nationals. A working group was formed with interested inline hockey stakeholders, and an external working group chair was appointed.

In August 2021 the IH nationals were cancelled for the second year in a row. An event for those who were to be involved in nationals was held at Blackwood in December. This was managed by the working group.

Subsequently the All-Star Skate Club has not become an affiliated club with Skate SA.

Over the past twelve months Skate SA has been working in consultation with the following groups on Skate SA affiliated inline hockey clubs;

  • Members of the inline hockey community in SA
  • Skate Australia. Executive Director: Arianne de Rooy. President: Karen Doyle  
  • Inline Hockey Australia (peak body for Inline Hockey in Australia - responsible for creating coaching and officiating programs nationally, running national championships, and selecting national teams; a branch of Skate Australia). President/Chair of Coaches: Duane Voss. Media and Communications: Donna Johnston
  • State IH Chairs and committees

To date we have no affiliated IH club in South Australia.

As we have no affiliated inline hockey club in SA the decision from 2020 stands, that being, there will be no membership categories available for those disciplines where there is no Skate SA affiliated club.

This means there are no pathways for players, coaches or officials to represent South Australia at the Inline Hockey Australia National Championships in 2022. Skate Australia, Inline Hockey Australia, and IH state representatives are aware of this. Skate Australia has confirmed there will no pathway for people who reside in SA to participate for other states.

The Future

The following meeting is being held to update the inline hockey community on the activities to date in relation to club affiliation as well as Skate SA's future plans.

Topic:   Skate SA affiliated inline hockey clubs

This meeting will provide you with an overview of Skate SA, and its role as a governing body for skate sports in South Australia. We will be outlining our plans and addressing how the inline hockey community can be involved.

Date:   Thursday 14th July 2022

Time:   7.00pm

Via:       Zoom


4 July 2022

Below is the response posted to the Skate SA Facebook page in response to a comment about disaffiliation and fees. 

'Hi Frank, when clubs choose to disaffiliate it is clear there is a disconnect between what the club's needs are, and what the state organisation if offering.

The Skate SA Board of Management has been and will continue to work towards having an affiliated club/s in SA. This offering may, or may not be right choice for all skate communities.

With regard to fees please see below the Skate SA / Skate Australia 2022 Fees.

Skate SA will be holding an information session for the inline hockey community on the 14th July. You can find out more, and register to attend here:

For the past 2 years Skate AUS has offered a discount for fees paid in January. Most of our athletes took up this offer.
The fees below include: Skate Australia Fee, Insurance and Skate SA Fee. You can read more about the insurance here:

In 2022 an inline hockey player playing within their club would have paid $93.00 ($83.00 with January discount) for the twelve months [development].

An inline hockey player playing between clubs and say wanting to try out for state teams would have paid $145.00 ($125.00 with January discount) for the twelve months [competitive].

These ‘competitive’ fees are the same for all disciplines; artistic, speed, roller derby and inline hockey.

These fees have been pretty much the same over the past several years.

2022 Fees
Development (Artistic, Speed, Inline Hockey)
12 months $93.00 ($83.00 if paid in Jan 2022)

Competitive (Artistic, Speed, Roller Derby, Inline Hockey)
12 months $145.00 ($125.00 if paid in Jan 2022)

12 months $42.00 ($38.00 if paid in Jan 2022)

Club Fee: $200.00 / year

With view to making it easier for people to be involved in skate with an affiliated club, this year we introduced a three-month member fee for ‘Participation’. This allows people to try without the commitment of a twelve month membership.

We are also developing a 6 month membership to provide membership options for those clubs/leagues who run summer and winter seasons. Please get in contact if you'd like any further information


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