World Skate Games postponed

Published Thu 25 Jun 2020

All the events have been moved to 2021 and will be hosted in the same countries as for 2020: China for inline freestyle, Paraguay for artistic and Colombia for both inline speed skating and inline hockey.

The Executive Board decided to move also the 2020 Continental championships to 2021 and the host countries won’t change as well.

Of course, postponing all these events had a knock-on effect on the World Skate Games supposed to be held in 2021 in Buenos Aires, Vicente Lopez and San JuanThe third edition of the World Skate multisport event, gathering all the world championships in one session, therefore has been moved to 2022.

All the actual dates will be announced soon.

Sabatino Aracu, World Skate President: “Since 1947, when we started to hold world championships on regular bases, for the first time ever this year we cannot run world class events for any of our disciplines. Our main goal is to preserve our athletes’ health and, due to the current situation, we cannot ensure they will be able to compete in the best conditions now. We’ll be back stronger!”


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